Using A Candle To Loosen Up Stiff Ink Pads

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Have you ever had a hard time opening and closing your ink pads, especially the new ones? I received my new In Color ink pads from the 2021-2022 Annual Catalog a few weeks ago, and they are a little tough to open and close since they are brand new. If you’ve experienced this yourself, I have a quick trick to loosen up stiff ink pads that will save you tons of frustration. Keep reading!

Click for an awesome tip for how to loosen up stiff ink pads using an everyday item you already have at home!

How to Loosen Up Stiff Ink Pads

This super easy trick only takes one simple item you probably already have in your house – a birthday candle. That’s it!

To loosen up your ink pad with a candle, begin by opening the stiff ink pad. Using the candle, rub along the top and bottom track on each side. You don’t need to get the wax back into the groove, you just need it along the outside track. After rubbing the candle along the edges, clear away any wax shavings left behind. Next, move the ink pad back and forth several times, as if you were opening and closing it. Essentially this will lubricate the area where the two pieces of plastic rub together, and then they will do so far more easily.

Viola! See how much easier it is to move? Hopefully this trick eliminates frustration and time spent fumbling with stiff new ink pads.

Click for an awesome tip for how to loosen up stiff ink pads using an everyday item you already have at home!

 Loosen Up Stiff Ink Pads Video

If you’d like to see the video where I explain how to do this, check out the link below.

What do you think of this tip? What other problems are you having trouble with? Let me know in the comments section below – maybe I can help!

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Thanks for joining me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my trick on how to loosen up stiff ink pads!

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