Stampin Up Glass Mat Studio

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Hi crafters, I have a question for you. Do you love the area where you do your stamping? I’m specifically referring to the table or desktop surface where you stamp. Is the surface level? Do you get a good stamped image? I know a lot of us aren’t using the most ideal surface…we’re just using what we have. Regardless of the surface where you stamp, I have something to share today that can improve any stamp station. It’s the new Stampin Up Glass Mat Studio and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Stampin Glass Mat Studio - Free With Stampin Up Starter Kit

Introducing The Stampin Glass Mat Studio

Here’s this amazing new product. It only took me using it for a short time to decide that I LOVE it. It makes the perfect stamping surface and it just feels so nice. Is that silly? I mean, the reason I love to use Stampin Up envelopes for my cards is they just feel so much nicer than other envelopes. Same thing with this glass mat. It is incredibly useful, and we’ll talk more about that below. But also, it just feels so nice. It’s ok, you can laugh!

Let’s get started and talk about what comes included!

What Comes Included?

The Stampin Glass Mat Studio includes the durable glass mat, white silicone palette, and super soft cleaning cloth. Keep reading for more details below.


Features include:
Tempered glass mat is thick and durable
Measures 14” x 17”
Rubber feet allow it to sit level and stay securely in place
Gridlines and measurements in both inches and centimeters
Perfectly smooth surface
Easy to clean
Heat and scratch resistant

Stampin Up Glass Mat Studio - perfect glass mat for your stamping surface!

Tempered Glass Mat

I love this mat! It feels so nice. It sets level and securely on my work surface. It’s easy to clean. I have a hard time imagining that anyone wouldn’t love the feel and usefulness of it. Keep reading for a lot of ideas on how to use it.

Silicone Mat Palette

This silicone palette mat is perfect for containing messes like when you mix ink for watercoloring or when you’re using water painters. I love how easy it is to clean. Even if you forget to clean up before you leave your craft area for the day, when you come back to it you can just rinse this under a faucet and it will clean right up.

Stampin Up Glass Mat Studio - perfect glass mat for your stamping surface!

Cleaning Cloth

This cleaning cloth is awesome! My biggest question is, do they make one that is bath towel size, because it feels amazing. Just add water for chemical-free cleaning of your glass mat. You may want to store the cleaning cloth in an empty stamp case to keep it from coming in contact with your paper supplies.

Stampin Up Glass Mat Studio - perfect glass mat for your stamping surface!

Ways To Use It

This mat makes the perfect base for your stamping surface. It’s perfectly smooth to give you a nice stamped image each and every time. In addition, it’s great for various techniques like spritzing and splattering because it protects a large area, and it’s easy to wipe clean. Since it is heat resistant, you can use your heat tool for embossing or other techniques and it won’t damage your table or desk. You can mix ink or embossing paste and it will be a breeze to clean up. What other ways would you use it?

Stampin Up Glass Mat Studio - perfect glass mat for your stamping surface!

Here’s How Important A Glass Surface Is To Me

When I was designing my new craft space, one thing I knew I wanted was a glass top for my craft island where I do my stamping. I wanted all the benefits you get in this glass mat for my entire work space. Now you can get the benefits of a glass work space with much less hassle and expense!

See The Glass Mat Studio Here

Myself and my little helper made a video to share some of the great ways to use this mat. Watch along here!

How To Get Yours

The Stampin Glass Mat Studio is a special offer not available for purchase at this time. It is a FREE offer now available along with the Stampin Up Starter Kit. I’ll talk about the details of the Starter Kit in the next section.

Starter Kit Details

Purchasing the Starter Kit is a great way to get a discount on your supplies. The cost of the Starter Kit is $99 and you can personalize what comes included. Now through February 29, you can choose the following to come included with your kit:

Option 1: $125 in any products you choose plus the Stampin Glass Mat Studio
Option 2: $155 in any products you choose

Both options come with a Paper Pumpkin kit and assorted other goodies from Stampin Up, plus you will receive a welcome package from me. All of this for $99 plus tax is a great offer!

Benefits Of Purchasing The Starter Kit

Once you purchase the Starter Kit, you choose what happens next. If you want to continue ordering, you’ll be able to place future product orders at a 20% or higher discount. In addition, you’ll get all the benefits of being a member of my Sassy Stampers team. Use the link to learn more!

Are you ready to get your own Stampin Glass Mat Studio for free? Order yours here!

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