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Welcome friends. I have a quick tip to share with you today to help when you’re lining up letter stamps to make personalized greetings. This has made it SO much easier for me to line up stamps straight. Before I share today’s tip, I want to quickly mention the value of having an alphabet stamp set in your collection. Let’s talk about it.

Click for this quick card making hack for how to line up letter stamps straight the easy way!

The Value Of An Alphabet Set

Do you have a set of letter stamps in your collection? Having one, or several in different sizes, can be so helpful when you want to personalize a project and you don’t have a stamp with the word(s) you want to include. They’re really helpful for:

  • Names
  • Numbers like ages or anniversary years
  • Special interests/hobbies
  • Personal jokes for close friends
  • Any word or phrase not included in your stamp collection. There are so many things you might want to stamp that will never be in a stamp set!

At the moment, my favorite letter stamp set is Alphabest. The letters are fairly small, but not too small, and they come with a coordinating punch that will punch each letter if I desire. I’ve used this set on three different projects in the last week, and I finally discovered a simple way to line up the stamps in a straight line. Previously, I would line them up on my work surface in a straight(ish) line, then lower the block on top. If you’ve done this, you know it’s fairly frustrating to actually get them straight. Here’s what I discovered for a simpler way to line them up!

Lining Up Letter Stamps Straight

I’ve discovered the way that works best for me, and this is it. I place the letter stamps, flat side up, on my work surface, and I spread them out from each other. I begin with the first letter in the word, and lower my block on top so the letter is at the left side of the block. Then I add each letter one at a time by just lowering the block on top. Occasionally I get a letter or two crooked, so I pull those off and do them again.

How To Line Up Letter Stamps Straight Video

Seeing me do this is much easier to understand than what I’ve written above. Watch along here!

My Favorite Alphabet Stamp Set

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I hope this helps you get letter stamps straight the next time you use an alphabet stamp set!

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