A Nautical Anniversary Card For Husband

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**Warning…some serious personal stuff is included in today’s post!** Do you ever feel like a lot of life has happened in a short time? If so, I get it. Two days ago was the two year anniversary of when my husband and I first started talking. Two years. It seems like at least ten. Maybe 50. A lot of life has happened since then. A lot of hard life. Want to hear more about it? I’ll explain (a lot) more below. The good news is that it is behind us and now we have some easier times ahead, along with difficult ones too I’m sure. The reason I mention this is because today’s card is the one I made for him for this two year anniversary of the day he sent me that adorable first message. If you, like me, sometimes have a hard time coming up with masculine card ideas, then maybe today’s anniversary card for husband will help a bit!  Take a look!

Simply stated anniversary card idea for husband using the Stampin Up Flourishing Phrases stamp set and come sail away designer paper. Compass, nautical themed, sailboats, sailing, masculine.

When I was trying to find inspiration for this card, I first grabbed our Come Sail Away designer paper pack, because it’s perfectly masculine. Then I found the ‘Marriage is a Journey’ stamp in the Flourishing Phrases stamp set, and it was an automatic winner. It fits perfectly with the nautical theme of the paper pack, and the experience of my husband and I has been quite a journey. It was a match made in heaven, kind of like us, haha.

Simply stated anniversary card idea for husband using the Stampin Up Flourishing Phrases stamp set and come sail away designer paper. Compass, nautical themed, sailboats, sailing, masculine.

So here’s a quick recap of the journey my husband and I have taken in just 730 short days. I tried to keep it short, but it didn’t work very well. Here goes.

Nice guy sends me message through online dating site. I reply since he seems like a nice person, even though he lives 3 1/2 hours away. We quickly discover we have a lot in common and keep chatting. Then…uh oh…now we’re hooked which leads me to somewhat of a life crisis trying to decide if I would move myself and my then 3 year old daughter that far away from home. Farmer Matt wouldn’t be able to move, so it would have to be me. If I wouldn’t actually pick myself up and move, there was no point in continuing to talk to him. Many sleepless nights led me to a decision that, yes, I would move myself and daughter away from home for the right person and situation. This is all in the first 2-3 weeks. The talking continues pretty intensely. We learned a LOT about each other talking so much, because you see he was in the field harvesting for 2+ months straight, and did not even have time to meet face to face. You sure can learn a lot about a person when there’s nothing to do but talk!

Time went on, we were pretty sure we wanted to marry each other, and hadn’t even met. Sounds dreamy right? Not dreamy…stressful. What if this was a waste? What if we meet and it’s a total disappointment. What if he turns out to be a creep? More sleepless nights. We eventually meet, and it was as great as we had hoped. We were ready to kickoff this relationship and see each other as often as possible. After a few long but short months, we decide that I would move and we would get married. We’re excited and the plans start to develop.

Then comes the onslaught of attacks from my ex who has now suddenly decided he wants to be a part of our daughter’s life. The custody battle ensues. An attorney doesn’t do his job, court dates get pushed back. All the while, the sleepless nights now have to do with the potential of losing my daughter OR the man I’m so much in love with that I’m going to pick up my life and move for him. Then Matt had two barns blow down in two separate storms. Then I got told to quit my job before I made the decision to do so. Then my time ran out at my job so I’m jobless, turning my house into a craft retreat, and dropping tons of money into it. The custody battle gets really hot and heavy when a family investigator recommends I will lose my child if I move. The child that I have raised almost solely from the time of her birth. I spent some serious time telling myself to “Breathe in. Breathe out.” It. Was. Rough.

I finally get permission to move to Indiana, so we do so. Custody is not yet resolved, but we had a wedding planned so we go ahead and get married without knowing that I could keep custody of my child in Indiana. This right here is the #1 biggest leap of faith I have ever taken. We had to believe that God brought us to it, he’ll bring us through it. And you know what? He did just that.

What a mess…but it’s a mess that now is thankfully in the past. The point of my rather lengthy story is that we have been through a lot of life, and quite a journey in two short years, making today’s card perfect for our relationship. How can all that have happened in two years? I do not know, but I’m going to place blame for my wrinkles and Matt’s gray hair on all of this!

Simply stated anniversary card idea for husband using the Stampin Up Flourishing Phrases stamp set and come sail away designer paper. Compass, nautical themed, sailboats, sailing, masculine.

Marriage is a journey and life is a journey. All I know is to have faith, and God will take care of the rest, even when it seems impossible! Thanks for stopping in to see this anniversary card for husband. Do you have some crazy life stories of your own to share? Please comment below and tell me!

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