The Stamparatus Is Retiring – Here’s Why It’s The Best Stamping Platform

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Hi friends, I’m sad (more like heartbroken) today because my favorite stamping tool, and the one I hear over and over from you all that you love… the Stamparatus…is retiring. The Stamparatus will no longer be offered after our current supply of this amazing tool runs out, so I wanted to take a moment to highlight what makes this stamping platform different and better than others on the market.

Complete Guide To Using The Stamparatus - Everything You Need to Know About This Amazing Stamping Platform

If you already have one – comment at the bottom and tell me how you like it. For any stampers who don’t already have one, take a look at today’s video. If you want to order a Stamparatus – now’s the time to order before inventory runs out!

What Is The Stamparatus?

The Stamparatus is a stamping platform which allows you to mount stamps to plates attached to the platform base. By placing your paper into the base, you’re able to repeat stamp in exactly the same place as many times as you like.

Didn’t fully ink your stamp the first time? Just stamp again. Didn’t apply pressure over the entire stamp? Just stamp again. Not dark enough? Just stamp again. You get the idea.

If you struggle to stamp near the hinges of your Stamparatus or Misti stamping platform, then try this quick fix!

In addition, the Stamparatus allows you to do all kinds of unique techniques that cannot be done otherwise. For a basic introduction to this tool, take a look here or keep reading to see why it’s different from the others on the market!

What Makes The Stamparatus Better?

Watch along here!

So What Makes The Stamparatus Different?

Really it comes down to the fact that the Stamparatus has two plates, AND they can be lifted out, flipped around, and re-positioned into different hinge openings. For complete details, make sure to watch along with the video. Because of these features, you can do the following with the Stamparatus…

Two Step Stamping

Mount one stamp on one side of the plate, and mount your other stamp on the second plate (or the back side of the first plate). Then repeat stamp and they’ll all be lined up perfectly!

What makes the Stamparatus stamping platform different and BETTER?! Two step stamping!

Four Step Stamping!

Mount one stamp on each side of both plates and you can do four step stamping! This is amazing for making Christmas cards, or any project you want to make a several of.

What makes the Stamparatus stamping platform different and BETTER?! Four step stamping!

Step Stamping Technique

This is a technique where you repeatedly use the same stamp, and move the plate to different hinge openings to get perfect spacing each time.

What makes the Stamparatus stamping platform different and BETTER?! Techniques like step stamping!

What Else Can You Do With The Stamparatus?

Mirror Stamping

What makes the Stamparatus stamping platform different and BETTER?! Find out!

Circle Stamping

What makes the Stamparatus stamping platform different and BETTER?! Find out!

Multi-color Stamping

What makes the Stamparatus stamping platform different and BETTER?! Find out!

And so much more!! Do you love this tool? Do you want to add it to your collection before they disappear?! Get one below!

Order Yours Here!

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It’s so sad that the Stamparatus is retiring, but you can still get yours using the link above!

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25 Replies to “The Stamparatus Is Retiring – Here’s Why It’s The Best Stamping Platform”

  1. Wini

    Thank you for showing us all the great ways to use this. I have been looking at since I found your YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago. I went ahead and ordered a couple from you today while they were still in stock. It is sad to see that they are having to retire this.

    • Sherry

      Oh man! I just started and I’ve wanted to sell the cootie out of it. Dog gone it! Good thing I bought mine last year. Maybe I’ll buy some extra magnets and plates cause I’m keeping mine forever! Thanks for the heads up!

      • Anna Helman Post author

        Hi Sherry, sorry but magnets and plates are no longer available. Glad you love yours!

  2. CS Ketterman

    The Stamperatus is far better than any other platform of it’s type on the market. So sorry to see it go. I looked at the other platforms but never liked them, so I was thrilled with the uniqueness of the Stamperatus.

  3. Cathey Woody

    Several years ago I purchased a We product from Hobby Lobby, it has pegs on 2 sides and acrylic “top” piece has holes on all 4 side, $20.
    I watched a demo by you with 2 “tops” and ordered my Stamparatus from you. The best purchase I have ever made! Thank you so much.

  4. Pam Harrington

    I love the stamparatus , i have a mist, a misti mini and Tim Holtz but the stamparatus is the best! Unreal that they are retiring it ,just doesn’t make sense unless some one is suing as a patten infringement . Glad I have mine! makes me want to order another.

  5. Charlene kroells

    I have the stamparatus and I love it. I like the fact that with the hinges you can just move the door and not the paper. Really sorry it’s going away.

  6. Nicole

    Sad that since March 31st at least, the Stamparatus could not be ordered in France. You were lucky to still be able to purchase it in the US.

  7. Melissa Thompson

    I just saw your video a couple of days ago and I cannot seem to find one anywhere. Do you know if there are still any in stock?

    • Anna Helman Post author

      Hi Melissa, click on the contact button on the menu and send me an email please. I might be able to help.

  8. Bonnie Deibel

    I’ve used the MISTI in the past. The Stamparatus has much more possibilities with the extra plates. Wish SU would have more thoroughly checked out the infringement rights to continue to offer it. I get so mad at these infringement lawsuits! Kodak was sued by Polaroid years ago with the instant camera. Kodak originally put Polaroid in business by doing their processing! Very criminal that Kodak was sued over a camera!

  9. Connie Turner

    It’s the best ever. I don’t see how they can improve on it at all, but I’m hoping they will! Planned in ordering a second one but it’s sold out!

  10. Donna R

    Seems I’m always late to the game!! I just got into stamping and started watching YouTube to see which stamping platform would be best for me (I have problems with my hands). I saw this one and loved it! I’ve been looking to find one. Then I came across your video this morning. I’m heartbroken now too!!
    Thank you for your video,
    Signed: New fan

    • Anna Helman Post author

      Hi Donna, please click on the ‘contact’ tab and send me an email. I’ll have a few extras to sell. Thanks!

  11. Donna M. Alarcon

    How do i find an stamparatus. You site doesn’t have a way to order. Luv this idea. Have many stamps that need to be used.


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