Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers For Cardmaking and Scrapbooking

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Hello and thanks for joining me. Today I’m going to continue with my series covering basic tools for a paper crafter’s supply collection. The topic I’m covering today is markers. If you’re already an experienced crafter or stamper, chances are you have a great set of markers in your collection. If not, or if you’re a beginner exploring all the possibilities crafting has to offer, you’ll want to stick around and learn more about Stampin Up’s Stampin Write Markers. Do you have these markers in your collection? You may want to keep reading as well and you may learn something about them! These markers are a really wonderful coloring tool. In this post I’ll share what you should look for in a great marker, features of Stampin Up’s Stampin Write Markers, how to use them, storage ideas and some really helpful tips. Let’s get started. 

Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers are the perfect marker for cardmaking, paper crafting and scrapbooking. Click here to learn more!

Markers For Cardmaking & Scrapbooking

Markers are a great tool to have in any stamping collection. They add color, definition, detail and fun to your paper craft projects. If you’re searching the market for a new set of markers, you’re in luck because I have some really good information to share with below. First, I’ll share some important features of a great marker that you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re choosing markers for your collection.

What To Look For In Great Markers

Here’s a list of features to look for in a great marker. 


As you begin to look at markers, one thing to consider is the tip size, shape, and quality. Is it bold tip or fine? Do you get a combination of two tips? The marker tip determines how you can use the marker. A fine tip is made for small details, where a large, bold or brush tip is made for larger coloring areas. A bold tip will allow you to make a thick line, while a brush tip gives you the option of a thin or thick line. You also want to make sure the tip is high quality and will hold up over time. 

Color Assortment

Another thing to consider is the selection of colors. Is there a large assortment of colors, or a small selection to choose from? 


Speaking of colors, will the markers coordinate with your other papercrafting products? 

Easy to Identify Color

When you’re crafting and in the moment, the last thing you want to do is grab the wrong color of marker. With that being said, you should easily be able to identify the color from the cap as well as the opposite end.


A really amazing option is when a set of markers can be refilled. If you’re going to make the investment in markers for your collection, this really helps extend their use over years or decades versus maybe a year or two if they cannot be refilled. Throwing away markers is wasteful to the environment AND your wallet. Go with an option that can be refilled.


Lastly, consider the quality of the markers. Are they going to last you a long time, or are you going to have to throw them away after just a few uses because of damaged tips, low quality, or low supply of ink? Find brand name markers and look into the companies that manufacture them.

This leads me to my markers of choice. I’ll share about them in the next section. 

Stampin Write Markers by Stampin Up

The markers I choose to use in my stamping collection are Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers. I love these markers and use them all the time. Below I’ll share about the features of these markers as well as what I love about Stampin Up markers.

Features of Stampin Up Markers

Dual Tip

One of the great features of these Stampin Up markers is they have a tip on each end. There’s an option for a fine tip and a brush (full) tip. You don’t have to purchase multiple markers in the same color because two tips are included with each marker. 

Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers are the perfect marker for cardmaking, paper crafting and scrapbooking. Click here to learn more!

Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers are the perfect marker for cardmaking, paper crafting and scrapbooking. Click here to learn more!

Smooth Grip

These markers have a nice, smooth grip. They are comfortable and easy to hold. Enough said 🙂

Color Identification

Another great feature of these markers is the color identification. Stampin Up has made it extremely easy to quickly identify the color. Both ends of the marker have a cap made in the same color as the marker ink. If you take both caps off while using the markers and don’t know which caps go with which markers, no worries. The tips and side are also labeled with the color and color name. 


A key feature of these markers, and all Stampin Up products, is the color coordination. Our inks, papers, and embellishments all coordinate. That means if you have a Blackberry Bliss card base, you can easily choose a Blackberry Bliss marker to coordinate.


Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers are also refillable. You can use the same ink refill bottle to refill your stamp pads and your markers. This really extends the value of these products in your collection, when you can refill them for years to come with an ink refill bottle that costs under $4. 

What I Love About Stampin Up’s Stampin Write Markers

There are so many things I love about Stampin Up’s Stampin Write Markers. Below, I’ve listed my favorite features. 

Brush Tip

I absolutely love the brush tip on these markers. This tip is perfect for calligraphy or other decorative writing because of the ability to smoothly transition from a thin line to a thicker line depending on the pressure applied.

Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers are the perfect marker for cardmaking and scrapbooking. Click here to learn more!


These markers will last you years and years without having to be tossed out, since they can be refilled with our inexpensive ink refill bottles. Love this! 


My favorite, favorite feature is color coordination. It drives me crazy when colors don’t match on my projects. I can easily grab the marker that matches the ink and papers on my project, and it looks just right. 

Ways to Use Markers

Below I’ll highlight a few ways markers can be used with stamping and crafting. Take a look.

Color An Image

One way to use markers is to stamp an image and color it in with markers. When doing this, it is recommended to ink the stamp with Stazon ink. This helps prevent the color from bleeding.

The Stampin Up Springtime Joy set is perfect for making cute spring and Easter cards. Check out this sweet little lamb card!

However, I often find I can use Memento ink with few problems, and the stamp is easier to clean. 

Color A Stamp

Another option is to color with markers directly onto the stamp. This allows you to put multiple colors onto the stamp for a colorful image. Notice the color variation on these dragonflies? I did that by using two different marker colors each time I stamped. 

Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers are the perfect marker for cardmaking, paper crafting and scrapbooking. Click here to learn more!


Here’s one more technique to try when using markers. Tapping allows color variation when coloring on the stamp directly. This can be achieved by inking the stamp with a selected color, then tapping over the image with a color that’s a slightly darker.

Next I want to share some tips for storing markers in your collection.

How to Store Stampin Write Markers

When storing markers, you want to make sure they’re stored horizontally. This keeps the ink evenly distributed towards both ends. 

We offer a great storage option for our Stampin Write Markers. Stampin Up Storage stackable trays allow the markers to be stored directly beside each matching ink pad. I love this because I can find and identify the colors quickly and easily!

Learn what to look for in ink pad storage options and see everything Stampin Up storage for stamp pads and markers has to offer.

Learn more about this ink pad and marker storage option here

I mentioned that these markers can be refilled. I’ll share how to do this in the following section. 

How to Refill Stampin Up Markers

Next, let’s look at how to refill Stampin Up’s Stampin Write Markers. To refill, first reach for a pair of tweezers. Remove the cap of the brush tip end. Using the tweezers, gently grab the brush tip of the marker, and pull to remove it. Hold the marker at an angle, and with your ink refill bottle, drop several drops of ink into the opening. Do this slowly, and drop the ink along the edge, rather than directly in the center to prevent air bubbles. Let the marker lay horizontally for a few minutes before testing to see if it needs more ink. 

Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers are the perfect marker for cardmaking, paper crafting and scrapbooking. Click here to learn more!

Wow that was a lot of information! Want to watch along as I talk about these fantastic markers?

Stampin Up Markers Video

Watch along with my marker video below! 

Order Stampin Up Markers Here!

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Thanks for joining me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Stampin Up’s Stampin Write Markers!

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