Stamparatus Giveaway!!

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It was about one year ago when the Stamparatus…the best stamping platform on the market…was retired. It was heartbreaking, in a crafty heartbreak kind of way.

Before they sold out, I ordered extras that I made available to many of you, but I didn’t have nearly enough for all who wanted one.

I have 5 more Stamparatus (Is Stamparatii the plural form?) that I’m making available to you.

For details on how you might possibly be a recipient of one of these Stamparatus…sign up for my email list, and watch your email for details!

Sharing is caring!

2 Replies to “Stamparatus Giveaway!!”

  1. Jacqueline Ide

    What price do you have on your Stamparatus?
    I wanted another one from r my granddaughter. She loved using mine.
    After all that, I am interested one Stamparatus, please.


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