Stamp Supplies BOGO Sale!

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Are you ready for something fun and exciting? My first ever virtual BOGO sale is happening very soon, and I want you to be there! Here are all the details you’ll need to get stamping supplies for absolutely free!!

Most of the products for sale have been gently used. Some are brand new.

Stamping Supply BOGO Sale October 20-26, 2020!

The sale will take place Tuesday – Monday, October 20-26.

Here’s how it works:

  • On Tuesday, October 20 at 10:00 am EST, I will post photos of retired Stampin Up products, along with prices, in my Facebook group.
  • You can ‘claim’ retired products as yours and get them for absolutely free, by doing the following:
    • While looking at the retired products in my Facebook group, comment below the photo with the word ‘claim.’ The first person to mark ‘claim’ will receive this product unless they don’t follow through with the next steps.
    • You may claim as many products as you like, as long as you plan to spend that amount ordering new products from my online Stampin Up store.
    • Within 24 hours of claiming the retired products, you’ll need to place a new product order in my online Stampin Up store. The value of your retail product total (before tax and shipping) needs to be the total price of all retired items you have claimed PLUS $15 (to cover shipping of retired products). You MUST (no exceptions) use hostess code 36DZ4U36 when ordering. This must be done even for orders over $150. Verify before checkout that you have entered the correct host code.
    • When your order is complete, I will comment ‘Sold’ on the photos of items you have claimed, to allow others to see that the items are no longer available.
    • If you do not order within 24 hours of claiming items, I will remove your comment and the product will be available for others to claim.
    • After you have placed your new product order, please email your list of claimed retired products and your mailing address to me at

Example 1: You claim one retired stamp set with value of $17, another stamp set valued at $23, and one bundle with value of $43. This totals $83. Add $15, and you’ll need to order $98 in retail product (plus tax and shipping) and use the hostess code on your order. I will send you the retired products for free!

Example 2: You claim one stamp set for $19 and another one for $18. This totals $37. Add $15, and you’ll need to spend $52 in my online store (before tax and shipping) and use the hostess code on your order. I will send you the retired products for free!

*BOGO Sales purchases are not eligible for additional free gifts or Stampin Rewards points.

Get your wish lists ready, make sure you are a member of my Facebook group, and contact me with questions! 

Sharing is caring!

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