Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine

The Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine from Stampin Up is truly a wonderful machine! It allows you to beautifully cut and emboss paper with minimal effort, to enhance the beauty of your paper and other craft projects. Welcome to my landing page for this amazing tool! Here you can find a basic overview of this machine, as well as links to posts which include more detail about the machine, it’s features, how to use it, and why I believe it is truly better than other machines on the market.

New Stampin Up Cut & Emboss Machine

First I want to share how die cutting and embossing can enhance your projects. Textured paper and intricately-cut pieces add something special that we can’t create by hand. When I emboss paper or die cut new shapes, it makes me feel good. I think, “Wow, that’s beautiful.” When added to projects, these pieces step them up dramatically, and it makes me proud of the small work of art I’m creating to share with someone I love. I want you to be able to experience these feelings!

Join in for this introduction to the Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine From Stampin Up, and learn about features, benefits, and performance of this amazing machine!

Second, I want to say that the developers of this machine nailed it. They got it right. They researched the problems and irritations of other machines and solved them. The result is an amazing machine that is user-friendly, and it works every time.

I would not speak so highly of this machine if I didn’t truly believe that every user will love it. Join in and read along to learn more about why this machine will make a wonderful addition to your craft collection.

Use And Features

I’ll discuss the use and features of this machine briefly here. For more information, scroll down for links to other blog posts.


First, this machine allows you to emboss paper, or add texture to it. In addition, it will die cut paper into precise and beautiful shapes. Using the machine can take basic papercraft projects and turn them into professional, detailed, and gorgeous works of art. This cutting and embossing machine in particular has many improvements compared to other machines on the market, which is why I’m so excited to share with you about it.

Learn how to dry emboss paper! This is part 5 of my introduction to the Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine, an amazing tool from Stampin Up.


The features of the machine include the following:

  • Fold up sides to make travel simple and minimize space usage
  • Anti-skid feet
  • Comfortable carrying and crank handles
  • Extended platform for ease of use
  • Wide inner clearance to protect your project and tools
  • Solid steel construction
  • Plate labeling system for an intuitive experience
  • Beatiful appearance
  • Superior performance

This machine has met and exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love it, and I know you will too if you give it the chance.

To learn more about the machine, continue reading below!

How To Order

If you’re ready to improve your crafting experience dramatically, you can order this machine online using this link or by contacting me. Don’t forget to take a look at the accessories page.

For information on the cost of the machine and options for saving money on it, keep reading to the bottom. I also have much more information below!

Introduction To This Machine

In this post I discuss what the machine is, uses for it, how to die cut and emboss paper, many features and benefits, cost of the machine, and savings options. This is a great introduction to share everything you need to know to get started with your machine.

Cut And Emboss Machine Vs. The Big Shot

Many crafters are wondering how the Cut And Emboss Machine compares to our former machine, the Big Shot, and in this post I discuss similarities and differences. I was surprised how many improvements this new machine has, including folding sides, wider inner clearance, a longer platform, and best of all, improved cutting and embossing, and I discuss them here. I also give a detailed discussion of size of the new machine.

Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine FAQs

What questions do you have about the machine? I asked several groups of crafters, compiled a list of what they wanted to know, and in this post I answer many questions about the new machine. I discuss what plates come with it, if you can use dies and embossing folders from any company, its size, how it compares to other machines, and more.

Putting The Machine To The Test

Will it really create a perfect die cut everytime? With minimal effort? I heard rumors of this before my machine arrived, and I definitely wasn’t going to believe it until I tried it. I put my machine to the test with some dies and embossing folders that caused difficulty in the past. Learn about how I tested it as well as my results here. 

If you’re new to paper crafting, you may want more information on the basics of this machine, including what die cutting and embossing are and how to accomplish them. The next two sections will include links to answer these questions!

How To Emboss Paper

By placing paper inside of a plastic embossing folder and running it through the machine, you can create beautifully embossed elements for your paper craft projects. Learn all about embossing, materials needed, and how to do it here. 

All About Die Cutting 

Die cutting uses the Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine as well as thin metal dies to cut shapes from paper. Learn about die cutting here where I explain how to prepare the materials to run through the machine, and a few tips and tricks.

Protect Your Cutting Plates

Cardmaking Hacks: Tired Of Warped Cutting Plates For Your Die Cutting Machine? Try This.

If you purchase this new machine, you’ll want to keep this trick in mind to protect your cutting plates and prevent them from warping!

Cost Of The Machine And How To Save

The Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine costs $120, and when you consider how many years it will add to your projects, it really is a wonderful investment.

Would you like a way to save money or earn rewards on the purchase of your new machine? You have two options.

  1. Purchase the Stampin Up Starter Kit, and you can choose $125 in products for just $99. That means you can choose this machine (item #149653) plus a $5 item, and pay just $99. You’ll get free shipping, a few other goodies, and from then on, you can order your supplies at a discount. Learn more here or contact me if you’re interested.
  2. If you bump your order up to $150, you’ll earn hostess rewards through Stampin Up! You’ll also earn a free gift and rewards from me personally for my Stampin Rewards program. I keep track of your points and notify you after each purchase with your total. When you fill your card, you’ll get the stamp set of your choice for free!

So now, if you’re ready to order, you can order the Cut And Emboss Machine using this link or by contacting me. Happy cutting and embossing!