September Paper Pumpkin Kit – Something Good To Eat

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It’s always exciting to see what’s in the new Paper Pumpkin kit each month. If you haven’t heard of Paper Pumpkin, it’s a craft kit that comes in the mail once each month. Right now is a perfect time to try it out because you can get two months for the price of one by using promo code ‘bogo.’ Many times the project is cards, but other fun projects are mixed in too. I LOVE the unique project that came last month. Here it is – the September 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit – Something Good to Eat.

September 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Something Good To Eat Halloween Treats in test tubes

Test tubes?! Who comes up with these adorable ideas??? I got to meet the creative team when I was at the Stampin’ Up! Home Office last fall and it made me want to be one of them. If I felt like picking up and moving to Salt Lake City, I would totally apply for one of those positions. For now, I guess I’ll stick to creating in my craft room. But anyway, I think the test tube idea is stinking adorable. The picture that came in the kit showed them filled with Tic-Tacs, but I decided to use Skittles. After putting them together, I was really glad I chose Skittles, mainly because the colors are perfect for fall and Halloween. Had I chosen M&Ms (which I’m not even sure would fit inside the tubes), the colors would not have worked as well. Blue just doesn’t fit into the color scheme. I guess that would have been a good reason to eat all of those.

Back to the point at hand. The stamp set that came in the kit had a number of different greetings, but I chose to use just three of them, ‘Happy Halloween to You,’ ‘Something Good to Eat,’ and…

September 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Something Good To Eat Halloween Treats in test tubes

…’A Happy Hello to You.’ The tags came preprinted with the sunflowers, cats, pumpkins, and a few other options. I got a ton of extras, so I’ll have to find some fun projects for them.

September 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Something Good To Eat Halloween Treats in test tubes

I must give credit where credit is due, so I have to tell you that my 2.6 year old daughter helped quite a lot with this project. She loved filling the tubes with Skittles so much that she didn’t even eat any of them. Not one. Once the tubes were all filled, she suddenly realized that she REALLY wanted to eat some Skittles. I might have to buy some more test tubes to give her something to do when I need to keep her busy!

As I mentioned above, we have a special offer right now for first time Paper Pumpkin subscribers. When you buy one month, you get your second month free! For just $19.95, the price of one kit, you get two! This is a great deal, and there’s no commitment to continue after your first two months! Don’t wait to sign up, because this offer expires in just a few days!

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Learn more about Paper Pumpkin and see more past kits here.

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