Remove Lint From Ink Pads With This Quick Trick

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Do you sometimes get lint and other debris stuck in your ink pads? Me too, ughh. Getting lint and other materials stuck on top of my pads doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, I definitely feel the need to get them cleaned up right away so it doesn’t cause an issue when I’m stamping. If you’re interested in learning how to remove lint and other dirt from your ink pads, let me show you the simple hack I use to do this!

Remove lint from ink pads fast with what you say? A lint roller? Try this trick today and clean up those messy pads!

Where Does Lint Come From?

If your ink pads are clean as can be, you may be wondering where in the world lint and other debris may come from. The main ‘debris’ that ends up on my stamp pads shows up after classes when people have been cleaning the stamps with baby wipes. The tiny fibers from the wipes get caught on the stamps, and the next time they come into contact with an ink pad, the fiber sticks to the pad…forever. Until now!

How To Remove Lint From Ink Pads

Removing lint from ink pads is a super easy process, and it only takes a quick minute. All you’ll need for this simple hack is your dirty ink pad and a lint roller. That’s it! Expose a fresh layer on your lint roller, then rotate the lint roller gently over your ink pad and it will pick up any unwanted dirt and debris stuck to your pad. You can see in the picture below how I gently glided the roller over my ink pad, and some of the darker areas are the dirt that it picked up. How easy is that? If you need to clean more than one ink pad, be sure to start with a fresh lint roller sheet for each color.

Remove lint from ink pads fast with what you say? A lint roller? Try this trick today and clean up those messy pads!

*Hint* If you’re using baby wipes to clean your stamp pads, I highly suggest Stampin Up’s Simply Shammy for cleaning. This will help keep your ink pads much cleaner and free of lint.


Below is a video showing exactly how I remove lint from ink pads quickly with a lint roller. Take a look!

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