Quick Tips For Prepping Your Stampin Up Stamp Sets

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When you receive new stamps to add to your collection, do you have a routine for prepping your Stampin Up stamp sets, or do you place them directly on the shelves until you’re ready to use them? If you don’t already prepare them for use, I highly encourage that you do so. Today I’ll share a few tips for prepping both photopolymer and cling stamps. Let’s get started!

Learn these quick tips for prepping your Stampin Up stamp sets. They'll save you time, make your crafting experience simpler, and help protect those stamps.

Types of Stamps: Photopolymer vs. Cling

First I’ll mention the two types of Stampin Up stamps, since I’ll be referring to these types below. Photopolymer stamps are the ‘clear’ polymer stamps that you can actually see through. Cling stamps, on the otherhand, are made from red rubber which is backed in a neutral-colored foam. This type of stamps is not translucent. Both photopolymer and cling stamps need to be mounted to acrylic blocks or a Stamparatus stamping platform to be used.

Storage Tips For Your Stamps

Here is a quick tip for storing your stamps. Before putting your stamps away after use, glance through the set to make sure all of the stamps are inside. With photopolymer stamps, you can glance at the printed clear sheet to make sure a stamp is present in each printed area. With cling stamps, you want to keep the large sheet of rubber ‘excess’ that the stamps are punched from. By keeping this piece of ‘trash’ in your case, it gives you a quick check to make sure all stamps are inside when you’re done using it. Simply glance inside, and if there are any holes in the rubber sheet, you know a stamp is missing.

Prepping Photopolymer Stamps

Now let’s talk about preparing those stamps for use. Technically, photopolymer stamps do not need to be prepared for use. They are ready to use as-is. However, I have learned to prep these stamps by inking them with clear Versamark ink and then cleaning them back off. I think of this as ‘priming’ the stamps. Over time the photopolymer stamps can stain from the use of deep colors such as reds, browns, and purples. By inking them with Versamark ink before use, it reduces the amount of staining they will experience.

Prepping Cling Stamps

Cling stamps need to be prepared for use by removing the paper backing that comes attached to the rubber sheets. The stamps can be used at that point, but most stampers also like to attach the labels to the backs of the stamps so that you can ‘see’ what you’re stamping.

In the video below I’ll share the tips I have discussed, and I’ll walk you through the steps for prepping your Stampin Up stamp sets.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

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3 Replies to “Quick Tips For Prepping Your Stampin Up Stamp Sets”

  1. Linda Snyder

    Once you get the label on the cling mount stamps and put them back into the red rubber sections, do the cling stamps stick to the case when you remove to use them for stamping? Thanks for the video!

    • Anna Helman

      Hi Linda, I don’t find that to be a problem, but when I put the stamps in the holes of the rubber sheet, I probably don’t press them down hard enough for them to adhere to the case. Thanks for visiting!

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