Is The Mini Machine Even Better Than The Big One?

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Do you love to use die cuts and embossed pieces on your card projects? Or have you not yet invested in a die cutting machine? My go-to machine in my craft room is the Cut & Emboss Machine, but I’ve heard from several stampers recently that love the Mini Cut & Emboss Machine and use it more often than the big machine. For this reason, I decided it was time to use my Mini Machine a bit more, and I must admit – it has it’s advantages over the big one! I’m sharing this today because now through February 28, you can actually get the Mini Machine completely free. I’ll share how below!

Is the mini die cutting machine even better than the big one? It's cheaper AND easier to crank! Learn more here!

The Big Cut & Emboss Machine vs. The Mini ‘Boss

It’s good to know the platform sizes of both machines so you know what we’re working with. The platform area for the big machine is 6″ x 9″, so you can cut or emboss anything up to 6″x 9″ in size. The mini machine platform is 3 1/2″ x 7″, so 3 1/2″ is the maximum width. I find that most of my dies are narrower than 3 1/2″, so I can use it for much of my die cutting!

Cost Comparison

The big machine is currently $125 and the mini machine is just $63. Half price is a great deal, but keep reading below to see how to get it for free!

In this complete guide to the Stampin Up Mini Stampin Cut And Emboss Machine, I'll share everything you need to know to decide whether to add one of these machines to your collection and also how to use it!

Advantages Of The Mini Cut & Emboss Machine

After using the mini machine for a few days, I decided the mini machine is both easier to crank and easier to position my pieces on the platform without my dies jumping around when I add the top plate. Win-win!

Plates Won’t Load?

Occasionally I find the plates don’t want to ‘load’ into the machine when I begin cranking. I’ve heard from others with the same experience. When this happens, it’s typically because the front end of the plates is too thick. I usually pull the die back from the front end, or offset the plates slightly and pull the top plate back and it feeds in just perfectly.

Get The Mini Machine Free Through February 28

Are you interested in getting the Mini Cut & Emboss Machine free? Order the Starter Kit now, and you get to choose $175 in products PLUS either the white or boho blue mini machine for just $129! After that you can order any products you choose at a 20% discount if you choose to!

Watch Along Here As I Compare The Machines!

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