Why Shop With Me?

Why should you shop with me, when there are millions of other people and places to get them through? Two reasons are that I do my best to provide valuable resources for you in the most efficient way possible, and I am almost most grateful for your business. Learn more below!

Resources & Value For Your Time

I am developing a stamping library on my website to provide you with heaps of stamping inspiration and tutorials in an easy-to-navigate layout! I share a new project and video tutorial several days each week, and I work to make my videos and resources packed full of helpful information. Take a look at them, and you may learn something!

Who and What You’re Supporting

When you shop with me, you’re supporting myself, my family, and the Stampin Up family.


I’m a thirty-something farm girl and former-teacher who needs an outlet for all this creativity! I love to create, and even more than that I love to teach others. I’m a Christian constantly working on being my best self…just consider me a work-in-progress 😉 Oh and I love to cook – stick around on my site and I’ll even share some of my best recipes.

My Family

I’m married to my husband Matt and we have a blended family of four children. We don’t claim to have ourselves all organized and figured out…we’re still working on that, but we do our best. We believe in working hard, treating people right, and doing our best to survive four children. If you have that figured out please let me know!

The Stampin Up Family

I can’t explain how proud I am to represent this company. Our leaders are amazing and I believe they run this company with the intent of making this world a better place to live. They begin internally, and the positive attitude and authentic spirit of our founder, CEO, and other leaders is so evident.

I should also mention that the majority of our stamps, ink, and paper are made in the USA. So many craft supplies come from overseas, and I’m so glad that most of ours don’t. Support local!

I’m Happy To Provide Personal Assistance

I love to connect with my customers. For this reason, I like to thank my first-time customers with a phone call. Many times I don’t get an answer (not surprisingly since I’m calling from an out of area phone number) but my favorite days are when they answer and I get to talk to my new customers! Crafters are seriously the best people on the planet. I truly enjoy talking with many of you around the country. I’m happy to answer questions by phone call, text, or email or even just chat and talk about projects you’re creating!

I’ll Thank You Appropriately

I send a handmade thank you for every order I receive. I’ll send you a copy of the current catalogs after your first order, so don’t pay to buy one yourself! In your thank you package I’ll include a customer loyalty card with your points earnings towards my free stamps program. If you order using the current host code I’ll also send you a free gift!

Do you have other questions I haven’t answered? If so, contact me and I’ll be glad to chat with you! And thank you so much for choosing to shop with me!