How To Unclog The Stampin Up Fine Tip Glue Pen

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Adhesives are everything if you’re a papercrafter…have good ones, and life is good…have problems with them, and life is not good. Have you ever had issues with your fine tip glue pen clogging? Well, today I have a tip to help you unclog the Stampin Up fine tip glue pen. Follow along as I show you how to get your glue pen unclogged!

In today's quick tip, I'll share how to unclog the Stampin Up Fine Tip Glue Pen! This is a lifesaver to keep your glue pen working!

The Fine Tip Glue Pen

Stampin Up’s fine tip glue pen is a great product for many different reasons. This glue dries clear and doesn’t leave a sticky residue, making it perfect to put on top of projects. It’s awesome for attaching detailed pieces to your projects or for adding shiny accents as an embellishment. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are a few ways to use it!

Ways To Use It

The fine tip on this glue pen is perfect for small, fine details. It dries clear and is a great adhesive to use with small embellishments. When you’re done using the glue pen, it’s important to get the cap back in place properly, with the small wire inserted down through the dispenser tip. This keeps it from gluing itself shut.

But, what if you don’t properly close your fine tip glue pen with the wire inside of the tip?

If you don’t properly close it, you run the risk of your glue pen gluing itself shut. Yikes! So, what do you do if your pen glues itself shut? Glad you asked, keep reading to find out how to unclog our Stampin Up fine tip glue pen.

How To Unclog The Fine Tip Glue Pen

Unclogging the fine tip glue pen is easier than you think. All you have to do is reach for your heat tool. Point your heat tool directly at the glue pen’s metal tip for approximately 20 seconds. Once heated, apply cap to the glue pen with the wire inside of the tip. Use a little effort to push the metal piece into the tip of the glue pen.

If it won’t budget, use the heat tool for a little longer to soften the clog.

Once you push the clog through, unscrew the black cap from the bottle, and use a paper clip or other small object to remove the clogged piece. Now you have a clean and functional glue pen again! I hope you enjoyed this tip and it saves you a little bit of time and hassle! Watch my video below if you like to see exactly how I unclogged my glue pen.

How to Unclog The Fine Tip Glue Pen Video Tutorial

Click on the video below to watch how to unclog the Stampin Up Fine Tip Glue Pen using this tip!

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