How To Clean Ink Off Of Hands – Problem Solved!

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Thanks so much for stopping in today! I’ve been waiting years to share today’s post, mostly because I didn’t have an answer for the question. What’s the question? How to clean ink off of hands? When we stampers finish stamping, we often have ink on our hands, right? Or am I the only one? Please tell me I am NOT the only one who gets inky and wants a solution for removing that ink quickly and easily! Well friends, I’ve finally found a solution, and if you don’t already have it in your home, you can pick one up at the dollar store. Let’s talk about it!

Click to learn how to clean ink off of hands quickly and easily! No more 'stamping battle scars' on your hands when you're done crafting!

How To Clean Ink Off Of Hands Video

Keep reading below, or watch along here for my inky fingers solution!

The Problem

Stamping isn’t always neat and tidy. You bump your finger against the ink pad. You drop your stamp and it smudges your work surface, then you clean it up and it ends up on your hands. Sometimes you can’t even get the ink pad open without getting it on your fingers. There are a lot of ways to end up covered in ink, so let’s talk about how to remove that ink!

Click to learn how to clean ink off of hands quickly and easily! No more 'stamping battle scars' on your hands when you're done crafting!

My Attempts At A Solution

I feel like I’ve tried everything over the years to clean up my inky hands – soap, soap, more soap, Dawn dish soap, rubbing alcohol (it works to remove ink everywhere else, but not on my hands), scrubbing, soaking…you name it, I’ve tried it. Until now, the only solution I had found was to take a shower. In the shower, the ink just melts away, but other than this solution, I was stumped.

The Breakthrough

At one of my stamping events recently, my friend and team member Sandy brought along a scrubby tool she had purchased from an online craft store that claimed to clean inky hands right up, and she was having good luck with it. I think she said it cost something like $13, but I looked at it and thought, “I should have something in my house that would do the same thing.” I just didn’t know what I had that would replace this scrubby tool. It looked like a rough sponge. I thought about it for a few days, and it hit me!

The Solution

What was it that the scrubby tool looked like? A pumice stone! You know…for pedicures! I had one I had purchased several years ago, still in the package (crafting takes priority over pretty feet in my daily routine), so I got it out and tried it. How did it do? It worked like magic! I tried it several different times and it worked great!

This wasn’t good enough for me though, I had to give it the ultimate test and see if it would remove the most stubborn of colors. I inked myself up with Blackberry Bliss, a favorite color of mine but possibly the most stubborn one to remove from hands, and tried it again. This time I had to apply slightly more pressure with the stone and use a little more ‘scrubbing action’, but it worked again! Woohoo!

Click to learn how to clean ink off of hands quickly and easily! No more 'stamping battle scars' on your hands when you're done crafting!

Using A Pumice Stone To Remove Ink From Hands

Here’s how to use a pumice stone to remove ink from your hands.

1. Turn on your faucet to a slow stream.

2. Wet your hands and wet the stone.

3. Optional – apply a small amount of soap.

4. Use the pumice stone to gently scrub the inky areas on your hands.

5. Rinse and repeat until ink is removed.

That’s it!

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Now you know how to remove ink off of your hands – have a wonderful day!

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7 Replies to “How To Clean Ink Off Of Hands – Problem Solved!”

  1. TerryS

    Another good idea! I find hand sanitizer works to not transfer ink onto your project but your fingers are still stained. I’ll keep a pumice stone handy for my classes.

    • Anna Helman Post author

      I thought alcohol/hand sanitizer should get ink off, but it doesn’t for some reason. Hopefully this is helpful to you!


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