Fix That Punch Quickly!

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Stampin Up punches are my absolute favorite, and I rarely have any problems at all with them. One problem I have had is when the small button that latches the punch closed pops out unexpectedly. I’ve fixed enough punches in my day that I know how to fix them, but today I want to share this tip with you! 

Have you ever had the latch from a Stampin Up punch pop out on you? If so, watch along here for the quick way to fix it!

Fix That Punch Video

The easiest way to know how to fix your punch is to watch along with me. Take a look!

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Sharing is caring!

6 Replies to “Fix That Punch Quickly!”

  1. Doris D.

    Another great tip. I have had it happen to me and my husband was able to put it back together. I will share this tip with him for next time!! You are the best!

  2. Karen in Florida

    I always wondered how to fix a broken punch. Fortunately, it’s never happened to me (yet)! Thanks for your great instructions! I have saved your info.
    Wonderful tip!!!

    • Anna Helman Post author

      Hi Jean, I’m not sure. I haven’t had that problem and without being able to look at them, it’s hard for me to say.


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