Don’t Throw Away That Trash!

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There are a lot of reasons I wanted to start this blog, but one of the main reasons was to help people. I love being able to share useful tips and techniques I’ve learned along the way as I continue to travel through my crafting and stamping journey. One of those tips was a game changer in the way I store my rubber stamps, and I want to share it with you today. I also have a bonus tip to share related to how I label my rubber stamps. Let’s get started!

When assembling your new stamp sets, don't throw away that trash! Click for a quick tip, and you'll never throw away that trash again!

Rubber Stamp Storage Tip

Before using this storage tip, I used to pop out my brand new stamps, label them, throw away the extra rubber rectangle ‘negative’ piece, and put them back into the case. Sounds normal right? But where I was going wrong was throwing away the ‘extra stuff.’ Don’t throw it away, KEEP IT!!!

Here’s Why:

When you keep the large rubber pad that your stamps come in, it creates the perfect template. It’s a great visual check for quickly knowing where each stamp should go. Why is this important? It gives you an easy way to check to make sure all stamps are back in the case before storing it away until the next time you use it. No guess work needed!

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Prepping Your Rubber Stamps

Here’s the routine I like to follow each time I get new rubber stamps.

The first thing I do after opening the case is to peel off the paper backing from the stamps. After that, I pop out each individual stamp. I place the rubber rectangle, foam side down, on the inside of the case. Next, I apply labels to the stamps. I have a great tip for easily and perfectly labeling your stamps, that I’ll share in the next section.

 How to Perfectly Label Rubber Stamps

This labeling trick is so helpful when it comes to preparing new stamps. For more details and a quick video, check out this post for how to label your stamps perfectly every time.

First reach for your label sheet. Peel off one label, along with the paper backing still attached. Find the corresponding stamp. Next, grab an acrylic block and very gently stick the label onto it. Remove the paper backing. I like to use my Take Your Pick tool to do this.

Use this quick card making tip and you will be able to place labels on rubber stamps perfectly every time!

Once the paper backing is removed, pick up the block and flip it over. Now you can look through the clear block to line up the label perfectly. Gently lower it onto the stamp and give it a good press. Next, pull on the stamp from one corner to remove it from the block. Viola! A perfectly labeled stamp.

Use this quick card making tip and you will be able to place labels on rubber stamps perfectly every time!

Tip For Storing Your Rubber Stamps Video

If you’d like to watch along as I explain today’s tip for storing your stamps, check out my video below!

Did you enjoy this tip? Leave me a comment with other tips you love, or challenges you have that you would love to solve!

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Thanks for joining me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on tips for storing and labeling your rubber stamps.

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  1. Nancy

    I’ve stored my stamps in the “template” of them every since I started using Stampin’ Up products but the hint on putting the label on the acrylic block is priceless. TFS


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