Cut Stamps Apart To Make Them More Versatile!

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Welcome friends! I have a quick tip to share today, which is how to cut stamps apart to make them more versatile for you. For the longest time, I never considered cutting stamps, but then I realized it would actually make them more usable in some situations. Let’s talk about why.

Click for this quick card making tip - cut stamps apart to make them more versatile!

Reasons To Consider Cutting Stamps

There are several reasons you may want to cut stamps including:

  • You only want to use part of a sentiment stamp
  • You want to stamp part of the stamp with one color and part with another color
  • You want to rearrange the words in the greeting
  • You want to remove a portion
  • You want to use part of the sentiment on the front of a card and part on the inside

Before you start cutting your stamps apart, please read the following!


I know some readers are thinking ‘Well Anna you can do that same thing by doing this little technique…’ and I realize you can do many of the things above with different techniques. For example, if you only want to stamp part of a greeting, you can:

Use a marker to color only the portion of the stamp you want to use


Use tape over the portion of a stamp you don’t want, then ink your stamp, then remove the tape

So I’m not saying to cut apart all of your stamps! I’m just sharing this as one more idea for getting the most out of the stamps in your collection!


Here you can see that I took one large stamp and cut it into two portions, one to use on card fronts and the other for the insides. I can easily nest them back together and use as one stamp, or when desired I can use them separately. This is just one example of the many situations where you might want your stamps in separate pieces.

Click for this quick card making tip - cut stamps apart to make them more versatile!

Cut Stamps Apart To Make Them More Versatile Video

Watch along here as I share a few tips for how to best cut stamps.

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Will you cut stamps in your collection or leave them all as is?

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2 Replies to “Cut Stamps Apart To Make Them More Versatile!”

  1. Trish

    I forget about this sometimes. I don’t have wonderful scissors for the cutting so I have a trick that helps. I start with an Xacto knife and make a shallow cut first. I DON’T cut all the way through to begin with. I may even continue with several passes with the Xacto knife on the rubber side and finish with scissors when I get to the label. Merry Christmas from one Hoosier to another


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