Annoying Lines On Your Die Cuts?! Do This!

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Hi stampers! I love to share card making tips and tricks, and many times these are inspired by questions I receive from all of you. I recently had someone ask how to prevent those annoying lines on your die cuts, which can be the result of impressions in your clear plates. There’s an easy fix for this, so let’s talk about it!

Do you have annoying lines on your die cuts? This can be so frustrating! Prevent those lines with this quick trick!

The Problem – Annoying Lines

When your cutting plates both have cut marks in them and they’ve seen a lot of use, sometimes those marks can end up showing on your die cuts. We want beautiful and pristine die cuts, so let’s talk about a few ways to make sure they’re nice and pretty every time.

The Solution – 3 Ways

1. The first thing I recommend is to use one plate as a top plate and the other one as a bottom plate. This keeps your top plate with no cut marks in it, and that way these lines cannot possibly end up on your die cuts. For more information about this, take a look here where I talk about how to keep your cutting plates from warping. The same tip solves both that problem and this one!

2. I also recommend having several sets of cutting plates. I use my old beat up plates for most of my cutting, but I save those nice newer ones for when I need to have a die cut that’s pretty on both sides (see video for more explanation).

3. If you need to use well-used plates and they’re leaving lines on your die cuts, here’s what to do. Just add a layer of copy paper or wax paper in between your paper and the cutting plate. It will prevent those lines from showing up!

Prevent Annoying Lines On Your Die Cuts Video

Watch along here as I explain today’s tip!

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I hope this helps solve the problem of annoying lines on your die cuts!

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