50 Reasons to Join for $50!

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Note- The Join for $50 offer is no longer available, but joining for $99 is still a great deal! You get $125 in products and YOU get to choose which products you get! Keep reading to find out why I love being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and why you might love it too!

In honor of the current ‘Join for $50′ promotion being offered by Stampin’ Up!, I decided I would make a Top 50 list of why it is so great to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator! Here goes…

1. Um hello…a discount on products?
2. Extra income! (a little or a lot)
3. A reason that you HAVE to spend time on your hobby!
4. To meet new people
5. To make new friends. It amazes me when I think of all the people who wouldn’t be in my life if I hadn’t signed up with Stampin’ Up and the other company I worked for before switching to Stampin’ Up!
6. Have the chance to earn money on YOUR schedule
7. Force me be creative? Wow that’s painful…not. Pretty much my dream.
8. Don’t think you’re creative? Our founder Shelli Gardner advocates that we CASE- Copy And Share Everything. So if you aren’t great at coming up with ideas yourself, just copy them!
9. Fun!
10. Work usually involves tasty food!
11. To help people
12. To help yourself!
13. A real reason to spend time on Pinterest- I mean, you have to find ideas, right?!
14. A creative outlet
15. Get your catalogs for free (or at least cheaper than for $5)
16. Free trips!
17. Earn money to pay for your hobby! My husband likes to tell me ‘it’s not fair that your hobby pays for itself!’ I tell him he needs to figure out a way to make his hobbies pay for themselves!
18. Many times, going to work mean going to a party!
19. Opportunity to challenge yourself
20. YOU earn the hostess rewards for any orders you get outside of a party or class
21. To have the opportunity to earn money while putting your family first
22. Get the products OF YOUR CHOICE in your introductory kit!
23. To have the chance to work with me :o) (or another demonstrator)
24. To have a reason to make time for something you love
25. There are so many people out there who need you in their lives to help them with their projects
26. Turn your hobby into a career
27. Earn money by doing NOTHING when people order from your website!
28. To earn free products
29. Earn other free stuff through company incentives
30. To earn money to pay for that thing you’ve been wanting
31. Have the opportunity to be successful
32. A reason to travel to convention and other events
33. Get all the products you want for free (assuming you sell enough to cover your purchases)
34. Work as much or as little as you like!
35. To help people create projects that help them show their love to their family and friends
36. A reason to hang out with your friends and have parties, card classes, etc.
37. The opportunity to set goals and reach them!
38. To help other women start businesses of their own
39. Get out of the house
40. Do at least some of your work sitting on your couch in your underwear!
41. A reason to build/create your dream craft room
42. To meet other women with similar interests and goals
43. For only $50 to sign up, you don’t have much to lose!
44. See new products before anyone else
45. Get new products before anyone else
46. Use new products before anyone else
47. The opportunity for unlimited income!
48. If you sign up and decide being a demonstrator isn’t for you, that’s ok! No loss! You’ll just have a few more supplies than you did before (I know- that’s painful too).
49. Did I mention money, fun and friends? On your own schedule?
50. To have a reason to create a fun list like this of your own! Ok I agree, this might be the lamest reason on the list.

Sound like something you would love? Or something you might like to try out? Check out more information here or contact me to find out more! Don’t wait…offer expires June 30!

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